Eros + Massacre​/​Tempano split 12"

by Eros + Massacre

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Live recording at Estudios Montealto, A Coruña, Spain (


released May 1, 2015


tags: punk Madrid


Track Name: Farewell Feelings About Nothing
no one's murdered from the inside.
I won't give up the old voices.
Murder writings close to the familiar landscape.
Father gets mercy, the night is so dark.
Track Name: Lo Inefable
Yo muero extrañamente... No me mata la Vida,
No me mata la Muerte, no me mata el Amor;
Muero de un pensamiento mudo como una herida...
¿No habéis sentido nunca el extraño dolor
De un pensamiento inmenso que se arraiga en la vida
Devorando alma y carne, y no alcanza a dar flor?

*extract from a poem called Lo Inefable by Delmira Agustini
Track Name: Across The Damage, Under The Lust
viciously fixing minds,
bleeding hearts meets feeding deaths,
throat by throat, the aftermath repeats the same reflect,
punish after punish, remember who first marked your stomach.
Track Name: Disjointed Volitions
Fuck our thoughts, fuck our fire, blest our pain, blest your tragedy.
Believe in an egoist couple walking in the same direction, confidence give me another chance.
I don't want fall in love with a poisoned cliche, i see myself in your acts, i see myself in your smile, i see myself in your first breath
Track Name: Book Of Luisan
Y cada día lloro sangre como símbolo de mi maldición
Track Name: Language Solution
Put down the mask, feel the wall beetween our desires, tongues are dry now.
Hidden sense in a blocked language, no more miscommunication.
Track Name: Chaos Never Died
Kissing is a crime, pleasure is dangerous, as emotions expired her name never was forgotten,

When you think make a prisoner, art is your last weapon.
Chaos never died.
Track Name: Past Ignorance/Future Standards pt.2
My demons are all around me.
My mind is the deepest desert.
Sinking is the new way out.
Punish my body in the sea.

Drugs are velvet on my skin.
Track Name: An Infinite Repetition Of Lonely Darkness
Look around in this calmness,
trapped in this town, need strength to support this climbing.

Something is passing under the frozen inspiration.