Behind the aesthetic form lies the repressed harmony of sensuousness and reason

by Eros + Massacre




Recorded at Rock Palace Studios, Madrid

Mixed and Mastered by Mejuto and Hugo, A Coruña (

Cover photo by Lois Anta.

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released 06 January 2013




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Track Name: Language Solution
Put down the mask, feel the wall beetween our desires, tongues are dry now.
Hidden sense in a blocked language, no more miscommunication.
Track Name: Chaos Never Died
Kissing is a crime, pleasure is dangerous, as emotions expired her name never was forgotten,

When you think make a prisoner, art is your last weapon.
Chaos never died.
Track Name: Lo Inefable
Yo muero extrañamente... No me mata la Vida,
No me mata la Muerte, no me mata el Amor;
Muero de un pensamiento mudo como una herida...
¿No habéis sentido nunca el extraño dolor
De un pensamiento inmenso que se arraiga en la vida
Devorando alma y carne, y no alcanza a dar flor?

*extract from a poem called Lo Inefable by Delmira Agustini
Track Name: Disjointed Volitions
Fuck our thoughts, fuck our fire, blest our pain, blest your tragedy.
Believe in an egoist couple walking in the same direction, confidence give me another chance.
I don't want fall in love with a poisoned cliche, i see myself in your acts, i see myself in your smile, i see myself in your first breath
Track Name: Book Of Esther
[Y cada mañana lloro sangre como símbolo de mi maldición]